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Skater dresses

Hello, everyone! It will be a short experiment my first post in english. The theme of it is fashion and very femine kind of dresses "skater dresses". The name of it started from costume of figure skaters, the shape of their skirt is magnificent, but the silhouette of the suit is always concealed and emphasizes the figure of the sportswoman. If you also like to buy women's clothing online you can find a wide range of different designe and colors.

Now it's spring and soon will be summer, for this seasons i prefere to wear such kind of dresses. Not to short, but when you can underline your waist. Of course when you think about femine dresses you always imagine that it will be with flower print. But it's not a rule, you can choose a variation of colors or prints. The main thing is that it suits you and you feel confident in it. The most successful in this style of dress is that it is suitable for any female figure and with its help you can hide some flaws.

Floral Printed Round Neck Skater Dress

The only thing
of such a dress worth paying attention to it's length, the depth of its neckline in the decollete area and the presence or absence of sleeves. Generally speaking, such a model can even become non-seasonal. Also this dress model is out of age. It is suitable for women of any age, the main thing as I said to pay attention to the cut, which will successfully emphasize your figure. If you choose dresses made of thick fabric, such as wool, it can be worn even in winter or autumn. But personally, I like to wear dresses in spring and summer, and in the colder season, I prefer leggings, jeans and sweaters. Do you like to wear more dresses or prefer jeans or pants?

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